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The Characters

Some of the characters are the most cynical you will encounter in any English play. Others come across as victims or, at best, plonkers. Here is a sentence on each to give you a flavour.

Arthur and Muriel Wicksteed - Habeas Corpus

Arthur Wicksteed MD. Doctor of Brighton's Hove, bored with his marriage, moreover, bored with his wife, tries his very best to spice up his life at the expence of his patients. There is something redeeming about him, as one cannot help but hope that he can extricate himself from his difficulties.

Muriel Wicksteed. Wife to Arthur and bored with her marriage, or more to the point, frustrated at the lack of passion in her marriage. Begins to go out of her way to find alternative male amusement.

Connie Wicksteed. Sister of Arthur, cub mistress and spinster of the parish. She is very aware of the physical disadvantages which life has dealt her but continues to hope that her current beau, Canon Throbbing, will be supercede by someone a little more exciting.

Canon Throbbing. Vicar of the parish of which Connie is spinster. His untamed and untried libido is straining to get at Connie's albeit modest charms, but the best he can do is look up girls' skirts on trains.

Dennis and Felicity, married by Canon Throbbing - Habeas Corpus

Dennis Wicksteed. Son of Arthur and Muriel, never particularly well loved by his parents, it is difficult to guage which came first, the greasy, repulsive demeanor or the hypochondria. Only truly happy when diagnosed with a life threatening disease or in the arms of an attractive young lady.

Felicity Rumpers. Newly pregnant and extremely manipulative. To save herself from her situation she engages herself to the terminally ill Dennis while embarrassing his father in front of Sir Percy Shorter.

Sir Percy Shorter. President of the BMA and pompous shorthouse. An old acquaintance of Arthur and Muriel, never held in high esteem by Arthur and passed over by Muriel when looking for a marriage partner. His height causes many psychological problems for him, not least at the hands of Arthur who rubs it in at every opportunity.

Lady Rumpers. Mother of Felicity and recent Widow of Major General Rumpers. Old colonial Lady with a tree full of damsens stuffed into her pert cheeks and no time for the working class. Something of a prude, but freely admits that moral standards may have been more flexible during the privations and uncertainty of war time Britain.

Mrs Swabb. Working class know it all and general moral commentator. Conspires to help bring things back to the path of rightiousness for the Wicksteeds.

Denzil Shanks. Appliance fitter ("it's all covered in the five pounds") from Leatherhead and all round victim of circumstance, if Muriel's ardour can be called circumstance.

Mr Purdue. Manic depressive who does his absolute best to prick Arthur's conscience with his many attempts at suicide.

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